Classic Everyday Cupcake

Very Vanilla
Chocolate on Vanilla
Vanilla on Chocolate
Chocolate on Chocolate
Red Velvet
Banana Pudding
Party Cake
Cookies 'n' Cream
PB Cup
Choc PB Cup

Specialty Flavors:

*Lemon  *Strawberry Banana
*PB & Jelly *Amaretto
*Chocolate Banana *Hazelnut
*Banana Walnut *Banana Walnut Caramel
*Coconut *Carrot
*Cherries Jubilee *Dolce de Leche
*Tiramisu *Cannoli
*Pumpkin Pie *Mint Chocolate Chip
*Vanilla Chai *French Vanilla
*Green Tea *French Vanilla Caramel
*Sweet Potato Pie *Pineapple Upside Down
*Vanilla Lavender *Butterscotch
*Orange Creamsicle *Oatmeal Raisin
*Root Beer Float *Cherry Creamsicle
*Oatmeal Brown Sugar *Candy Bar
*Chocolate Peppermint *White Chocolate Peppermint
*Apple Pie *Apple Crumb
*Caramel Apple *Banana Split
*Banana Hazelnut *Cinnamon Streusel
*Pina Coloda *Cinnamon Sugar Crunch
*Hot Chocolate *Toasted Marshmallow Caramel
*Pecan Streusel *Peach Cobbler
*Mango *Chunky Elvis
*Butter Pecan *Key Lime
*Lemon Tart *Sugar Cookie
*Pumpkin Cookie Crunch *French Vanilla Cappuccino
*Caramel Cupcake *Butter Beer
*Honey Vanilla *S'more
*Caramel Pretzel *Creme Brulee
*Maple Bacon *French Toast
*French Toast w/bacon *Chunky Elvis w/bacon
*Krispy Kreme Doughnut * Lemon Blueberry
*Lemon Crumb *Lemon Blueberry Crumb
*Mass Confusion *Chocolate Turtle
*Vanilla Turtle *Hummingbird
*Fluffernutter * Raspberry Delight
*Irish Potato *White Hot Chocolate
*Chocolate PB Pretzel *French Toast Crunch
*Strawberry Lemonade *Watermelon Lemonade
*Watermelon *Chocolate Party
*Raspberry Lemonade *Lemon Marshmallow
*Vanilla Ice Cream *Strawberry Shortcake
*Raspberry Shortcake *Vanilla Champagne
*Strawberry Champagne *Lemon Coconut
*Cookies 'n' Milk *Brown Butter Pecan
*Mocha Salted Caramel *Caramel Drumstick
*Carrot Pineapple *Chocolate Chip Butterscotch
*Key Lime Tres Leche *Tres Leche
*Caramel Tres Leche *Lemon Tres Leche
*Churro *Caramel Churro
*Key Lime Coconut *Caramel Flan
*Coconut Tres Leche *Pistachio
*Caramel Flan *Mango Coconut
*Chai *Espresso
*Mango Lemonade *Caramel Macchiato
*Banana's Foster's *Mocha Macchiato
*Mississippi Mud Pie

*We are constantly expanding our flavor list*
We have over 245 cupcake
We also have a full line of
Cocktail Cupcakes.